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Welcome.Silva Ultramind ESP Training material

Here you can learn the basics of Silva Ultramind System - for free. First of all, you can download & read the ebooks "Silva Ultramind ESP Seminar eBook Report" and  "How to experience deep relaxation and meditation at ALPHA level in 10 seconds or less" and begin your journey of new discoveries.

We are happy to provide methods for you to train yourself to achieve great results with deep relaxation and meditation, which you can furthermore use to better your life in so many exciting ways. You can listen to the Silva Centering exercise and train yourself to become better and better at connecting to your own center, to find your own inner peace of mind - something you might never have been able to achieve before as easily.

You can use this website to serve your needs and ongoing training, make notes of your successes, share it with others, and possibly learn something new and exciting every time you visit.

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